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When you play the Blair digital chanter, world-class bagpipe sounds are at your fingertips.  The digital chanter looks like a high-end practice chanter, and the holes feel like practice chanter holes. But the Blair chanter is so much more. First, it has 9 instrument settings, including a variety of interesting smallpipe sounds. Remarkably, the sounds are real recordings of instruments, so you hear authentic bagpipe, smallpipe, and chanter music. Even the metronome has real percussion sounds. Beyond the instrument choices, are settings and effects to further refine your sound. Best of all, the Blair chanter has sensitive motion sensors that read your playing style. Therefore, the chanter captures your signature expression. In other words, your birl will sound like you birl. Altogether, the creative and performance possibilities of the chanter are endless. And the digital chanter is rechargeable and updatable. The case and USB cable make the Blair Digital Chanter a complete package. The Blair chanter is designed by piper and sound engineer Murray Blair and made in Australia.

Instruments Included


  • Great Highland Bagpipes
  • Scottish Smallpipes in A
  • Smallpipes in C
  • Smallpipes in D
  • Breton D Bagpipes
  • A Chromatic Bagpipes
  • B Minor Bagpipes
  • E Major Bagpipes
  • Practice Chanter

Blair Digital Chanter with Case – Engraved

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