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Fred Morrison Uilleann Pipes Full Set

If you know the full Uilleann set is your goal, buying it as the complete package is a fine way to start! You'll have all the components you'll need, as well as a case that fits them all. You won't need additional wait times your upgrades to achieve your Uilleann dream. We order these sets with a stock plug, so the stock with the drones and regulators can be removed. This creates what the practice pipe, essentially. It just takes a minute to remove the stock and add the plug. This is also great for travel and practice, when you don't want to transport the full set. Fred Morrison pipes give you the unique Uilleann sound, with all the musicality and versatility you want, with reeds and accessories that are reliable and readily available.

Features of Fred Morrison Uilleann Full Set

  • Set up by Fred Morrison
  • Blackwood drones
  • Imitation ivory and chrome-plated brass accents
  • Precise and musical regulators
  • Blackwood Uilleann pipe chanter
  • Stop key on chanter
  • Stock plug allows you to play without drones and regulators
  • Premium bellows -- beautiful, comfortable, and air-efficient
  • Handmade leather Uilleann pipe bag
  • Cane Uilleann chanter reed
  • Ezeedrone Uilleann drone reeds
  • Green bag cover
  • Includes McCallum specialty Uilleann pipe case

Fred Morrison Uilleann Pipes Full Set – Multiple Sets on Order

SKU: 364215376135191
$U7.999,00 Precio
$U6.799,15Precio de oferta
Color: Negro
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